We operate from Belfast in Christchurch. New Zealand
Special hospital, online/Skype, or home visits, can also be arranged in certain circumstances.

We practice two very distinct styles of Therapy,
Corrective and Visualization:

Corrective Therapy
Targets the "CAUSE" of a problem.
It is highly successful for sufferers of phobias, skin problems, weight gain, weight loss, migraines, and other debilitating disorders.
(A list of what can be treated would be too long to list here, call for a chat.
We never take on clients, if we don't believe we can help them.

Once therapy is successful, the client will NOT require further treatment.

Visualization Therapy,
Eases the "Symptoms" of a condition.
It is very successful speeding up rehabilitation and recovery, for clients who have lost a limb and have phantom limb pain, brain injuries, such as cerebral palsy, or other accidental injury.

Call for an assessment now 027 973 3884 or email info@healyourmind.co.nz

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