Case Study

What is so different with Curative therapy to the main stream Hypnotherapists?

Main stream Hypnotherapy uses positive suggestions in order to suppress symptoms.

It is great for general relaxation, calming nerves and so forth but once the person stops listening to the mass produced recording the problem will return, often much worse than before.

Everything that has impacted your life up to this point, is recorded in your brain. We cannot easily recall memories using our conscious mind, but we do hold the memories in our sub conscious. Every single person on the planet is unique and past experiences are what have shaped who we are today.

Because each person is so different, it is impossible to treat their singular problems using mass produced recordings or using positive suggestion therapy alone.

I liken suppression to that of driving a car. If the accelerator pedal is stuck down at a constant pressure, the car will keep moving forward. You might try suppressing the forward motion, by pressing the brake pedal and the car will slow down, but as soon as the brake pedal is lifted again the car will keep moving forward until the accelerator pedal is released.

If you have a problem with your weight, you may have suppressed your weight gain using diets or hypnotherapy recordings, but as soon as you eat normally or stop listening to the recordings the weight piles back on.

Curative therapy uses your subconscious to show us the reasons why your body retains the fat. Once the problem is uncovered the weight will fall off and stay off for good.

In order to understand your unique problem you need one on one therapy.

Here is a case study.

Jenny came to me as an overweight lady in her 40’s. Before we started her session. She told me that her mother had told her to eat all of the food on her plate, because it was a waste and to make her feel guilty, her mother added about the starving children in Africa.

She was convinced this was her reason, or cause. She was wrong.

During her sessions, her subconscious mind revealed how she had almost died as an eight year old, after falling into the deep end of a swimming pool.

She remembered being understandably afraid of water ever since. However, she remained a skinny child up until her teens. She had consciously blamed this on hitting puberty. Again she was wrong.

During another session she revealed she had been reading a story book about the water babies. Jenny told me how she found this story fascinating and one she reads to her kids as a personal favorite.

This seemed somewhat irrelevant to her gaining weight, but she chatted on about the memory. Jenny noted that the pictures in the book were in colour and she told me the story of the water babies. She explained they were notably fat, happy little cute things, that were under the water. Then she realized they were also surviving under the water. Her brain linked up that the babies were surviving, because they were fat.

From that moment on her subconscious mind started to protect her from drowning, by making her fat. She had noticed that whenever she was around water and fat, that she no longer felt anxiety, which then compounded her belief that being fat was a good form of protection. Every time she lost weight she became anxious and could not understand why. This may sound crazy to another person. It was her unique perspective.

Every time she lost weight, she would feel anxious and unhappy and afraid to go on seaside holidays, or even fly over water. Her body would then gain even more weight than she had originally lost, in order to better protect her even more. It was a viscous circle.

During our sessions we reasoned with her subconscious, that this was in fact the misconceptions of a child. Jenny was now an adult and using logic as an adult, it became clear what she needed to do, in order to rid herself of fat and also survive in the water.

Once the reason was exposed and corrected. Jenny was able to lose weight naturally and has remained at a healthy weight for the last 15 years.

This is why one on one therapy is important for a lasting cure.

The problems you are suffering from today, will have a very real reason, held deep within your subconscious mind.

Will you want to suppress them, or deal with them head on and find your cure?

We are not against relaxation recordings at all. We do sell them. However, none are designed to cure you, or to suppress symptoms.

We have recordings that help people who may have lost a limb and suffer from constant phantom limb pain, or for those that are recovering from accidental injuries.

Our clients are given recordings of my voice that are designed only to relax them in readiness for treatment. The more time I can spend in a session treating the cause of the symptoms, rather than trying to nudge you to relax, will be time well spent.

I offer a free initial consultation and only take on clients I believe I can help.