We operate from Belfast in Christchurch. New Zealand
Special hospital, online/Skype, or home visits, can also be arranged in certain circumstances.

We practice two very distinct styles of Therapy,
Corrective and Visualization:

Corrective Therapy
Targets the "CAUSE" of a problem.
It is highly successful for sufferers of phobias, skin problems, weight gain, weight loss, migraines, and other debilitating disorders.
(A list of what can be treated would be too long to list here, call for a chat.
We never take on clients, if we don't believe we can help them.

Once therapy is successful, the client will NOT require further treatment.

Visualization Therapy,
Eases the "Symptoms" of a condition.
It is very successful speeding up rehabilitation and recovery, for clients who have lost a limb and have phantom limb pain, brain injuries, such as cerebral palsy, or other accidental injury.

Call for an assessment now 027 973 3884 or email info@healyourmind.co.nz


Most things can be treated successfully with Corrective Therapy.
Please call us for a chat, or make an appointment for an assessment and advise.

Here are some of the more common issues that have been treated with therapy.

Eating Disorders ᛫ Concentration Problems ᛫ Brain Injury Rehabilitation ᛫ Pain Management ᛫ Agoraphobia ᛫ Learning Difficulties ᛫ Addictions ᛫ Allergies ᛫ Skin Conditions ᛫ Anger ᛫ Anxiety ᛫ Phobias ᛫ Arthritis ᛫ Asthma ᛫ Car sickness ᛫ ADHD ᛫ Compulsive behaviours ᛫ Confidence ᛫ Depression ᛫ Grief ᛫ Impatience ᛫ Sleep Disorders ᛫ Migraines ᛫ Obsessions ᛫ Panic ᛫ Shyness ᛫ Sleep problems ᛫ Smoking ᛫ Sports performance ᛫ Stammering ᛫ Stress ᛫ Tension ᛫ Tinnitus ᛫ Other Unwanted habits


Initial Assessment

    • $95
    • Please allow for up to 2hrs

Email Us

Individual Sessions

    • Up to 1hr   $125
    • 1hr – 2hrs $195

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    • 5 x 1hr Sessions $550
    • 10 x 1hr Sessions $995
    • Stop Smoking $250

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FREE Audios

These set of audio recordings are designed too be listened to using stereo headphones. Its best to listen at bedtime.
The general relaxation recording is best to prepare you for a “one to one” session.
Learning to relax quickly, will ensure you get the most out of your private sessions.
Try to listen at least 7 times, 7 days straight.
These recordings also contain Brain Frequencies, relaxing sounds and often subliminal double voices.

Introduction to Therapy
Listen to step 1.
Then Listen to step 2 every night, before attending the clinic for treatment
Step 1

Step 2 – General Relaxation

General Relaxation

Insomnia Therapy Aid, for use in between treatments.


For more therapy or to request a more specific recording, please contact us.



  • A blood clot on my brain had occurred two years before I ever tried Hypnosis. My progress had been very slow and Doctors said I probably wouldn’t get much better. A friend recommended Suzanne, she had been helping her to lose weight and I couldn’t believe she was doing so well with hypnosis. I was skeptical because being overweight was one thing, a blood clot was completely different. I gave it a try and almost gave up after the first two sessions. I found it hard to relax at first,or let go, but I persevered. I am now walking and my speech is coming back.

    Jennifer H
  • I have only praise for Suzanne and the time and effort she has put into me, after 5 treatments I am now losing fat. I don’t want the foods I ate so much of before, I don’t crave them.

    Daniel W
  • I found the cause of my problem in the first few sessions. I was very afraid of flying. The next flight after seeing Sue that I had to take for work, was completely stress free and can say I no longer have a fear of flying. Keep up the good work!

    Martin J
  • It didn’t work for me and Suzanne told me she couldn’t help further. I respected her honesty and wish her all the best in the future.

    Chris P
  • After trying lots of diets, I tried Hypnosis with Suzanne. I had been really scared. It wasn’t what I expected. I thought she would take over my mind and tell me I wouldn’t want to eat chocolate, or sugar anymore. She didn’t do that and instead found out that my problem had started years earlier, after my Mum died. It didn’t make any sense to me, but Suzanne found out and corrected my perception. I am now losing weight much faster. I still eat chocolate and lollies, in moderation and I’m still losing kgs. Amazing.

  • My father was terminally ill and was so afraid of dying. We heard how she helped a friend of a friend, in a local hospice. I can say that after seeing Suzanne, my Father was very much at peace when he eventually passed. She cleverly used all of Dads own beliefs to give him the reassurance he desperately wanted.

    Sandra J
  • After a rotten accident 6 years ago, I lost an arm and had suffered with phantom limb pain for most of that time. The pain was excruciating. In my first session with Suzanne the pain subsided considerably and I can now be pain free. I have seen Suzanne for other issues with great success too.

    Oliver M
  • **Important Notice**
    Individual results will vary from person to person. Hypnotherapy is not suitable for everyone. Results cannot be guaranteed because everyone responds differently. Nor should this therapy replace your conventional therapies, or Doctors care. This therapy is designed only to compliment your current treatments.

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