Weight loss


When you visit for treatment. You will learn that your subconscious mind has a very good reason, to hold excess weight on your body.

It is often never the reason you consciously think it is.

Yes, some people eat for comfort, some eat out if boredom, others eat if they are stressed and so on. We are all different.

Each persons experiences are perceived uniquely to them. All memories are stored within the subconscious.

Somewhere in your past, it has learned that holding excess fat on your body, will protect you in some way.

If you are a fatter person, that may prevent you from taking a particular action, or to be repulsed by another person. Guilt, fear, anxiety are many of the reasons, that your body holds onto weight.

Using relaxation techniques, we seek to find the cause of your subconscious belief and correct it.

Although you consciously know fat is bad. The subconscious needs to understand, why holding excess fat around your organs, is the bigger threat to your wellbeing, safety and security.

Too much fat around your organs should be the biggest threat.

Below are some graphic images of excess fat.

This is what a healthy human heart would look like, and an unhealthy heart.

This demonstrates the locations of fat in an unhealthy and healthy person loooks like.

This demonstrates why many obese people have internal problems. These organs are designed to contract. An overweight person may have  bowel problems caused by internal fat.

How excess fat causes clots.

A lump of human fat really is a bright yellow colour and the texture of greasy lard.

If you really need further convincing see below the autopsy of an obese person and what happened to the internal organs.